Building up your Twitter Following

There are many different techniques out there to build up aTwitter following. You may simply want to follow websites that ‘follow you back’ or perhaps just start conversations with people and follow them once you’ve made an impression. They many then feel obliged to follow you back, but over time you may build up a bit of an odd ratio.

Many people look at the number of businesses you’re following and the number following you. In an ideal world you’ll have more people following you, but that’s always possible if you clear up your following listfrom time to time.


The best way to improve your following is simply by engaging. If you have something interesting to share, people will follow you for more of it, while contacting them is always good too, ratherthan waiting for people to discover you.

Finding a Reliable Marketing Agency in Northampton


Marketing is a core-function in any business setting and you can choose to rely on an in-house team or outsource the services of an independent party. Finding a marketing agency in Northampton is pretty easy at the moment since most of them are now running their own online profiles. Here are some top reasons why you should consider hiring an independent company to market your products or services rather than doing it yourself:
1. ExpertiseThere are different areas that are usually covered in marketing from increasing the number of potential clients to retaining existing customers among others. It is common with marketing agencies to rely on a pool of experts who specialise in different fields and hiring their services will be an assurance of professional services in all the areas that need to be covered. This is why you should first understand your needs before kicking-off the search for a reliable company.

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Being Cautious with your Website Content

Many websites will have large chunks of text that visitors simpy do not read. At least that’s what you may think. When there are mistakes in your content, or chunks of misleading information you risk losing out on customers because some individuals will read through that content.


Poor quality content can reflect badly on your business, and if you can’t think of anything interesting to tell your prospective customers, then they’re not going to be interested in your empty content. It’s like the saying ‘If you don’t have anything interesting to say, than dont say anything at all’.

That should be the case with your website, and any content you’re not entirely happy with, it’s likely that you customers won’t be either.

How to Run an Email Marketing Campaign

There are a few areas you need to focus on for improving the results of your email marketing campaign. You need to make sure that the email you’re sending around to potential customers is saying what you want to say, and it needs to be written in a way which makes the reader want to finish reading it. There are numerous ways to do this, and numerous places where you can read up on it as well. The other big part of running a successful email campaign is contact details you have; you need to have details which are currently in use, and preferably with those that have expressed interest in the subject matter, products and services, which your company provides. There are ways to get this information; you can pay for a list of email addresses which have been verified as active, or you could potentially use tracking technology on your website, so that you can pinpoint who has visited your website but didn’t buy anything, and then try to find out their email address.


Cold Calling – Is There Still Value in it For Businesses

Cold calling has been an option in the world of marketing for decades now, but with the relatively recent changes in people’s telephoning habits – the shift from landlines towards mobile phones – can we still say that it is an effective method for developing business opportunities? The answer to this has certainly become less clear over the last ten years.


We can see that, for the most part, the companies which still use this method of marketing are generally big corporations, like internet service providers, banks, insurers, and many more; so they certainly think that there is something to be gained from this activity. You can see their point: Direct marketing does have advantages over other forms of marketing, like website marketing. You can directly get in touch with people, and try to generate business, while much of internet marketing relies upon traffic to your website and off-site content. However, due to the fact that the success rate is so low for these cold calling activities, you should carefully consider whether to do this, or choose a different direct marketing platform, such as with direct mail. This is both less expensive, and less likely to bring the ire of annoyed people down on your business and brand – although the success rate is lower still.