Different Types Of Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative market research is great as it gets you a direct answer to a specific question you may have.The most obvious types of quantitative research are surveys and polls.

In-person surveys are great as they provide immediate results. Whilst a lot of companies outsource phone surveys to companies. The marketing firm will randomly select numbers to call, but it is seen as an effective method as statistics are easily collected.

In the digital age, online surveys are everywhere. As pop-ups and there are also sites which pay people to take surveys. Again this is great as you get instant feedback.

The type of market research you do, depends on your budget, target audience and time constraint.



How To Get The Most Out Of Social Media (Part 2)

The second part to our ‘How To Get The Most Out Of Social Media’ article from last week.

Social Media can also be used to help with your businesses email marketing. If you use MailChimp for example, there’s usually a unique website link. Consider posting the link on your social media platform. You can then boost the campaign, if for example it’s an important newsletter.

Use your Social Media presence to network with potential clients/contacts also. This is where you can use the accounts to your advantage. A few words of communication and then asking for the email address works a treat!

How To Get The Most Out Of Social Media (Part 1)

Social Media is one very important aspect for a business nowadays. Be it for e-commerce purposes or for engagement with current customers, companies are starting to focus much more on this side of customer relations.

When approaching a new social media account for your business, first consider what the purpose of the account is. Are you trying to focus on customer engagement, or is it more brand awareness? This will help you decide how to approach the task. Engagement is great depending on your type of business. If it’s b2b then it may not be as important for you, as it would be for b2c. A b2c business with a great social media presence, can lead to customers being the biggest advocates for said business.


Building up your Twitter Following

There are many different techniques out there to build up aTwitter following. You may simply want to follow websites that ‘follow you back’ or perhaps just start conversations with people and follow them once you’ve made an impression. They many then feel obliged to follow you back, but over time you may build up a bit of an odd ratio.

Many people look at the number of businesses you’re following and the number following you. In an ideal world you’ll have more people following you, but that’s always possible if you clear up your following listfrom time to time.


The best way to improve your following is simply by engaging. If you have something interesting to share, people will follow you for more of it, while contacting them is always good too, ratherthan waiting for people to discover you.

Finding a Reliable Marketing Agency in Northampton


Marketing is a core-function in any business setting and you can choose to rely on an in-house team or outsource the services of an independent party. Finding a marketing agency in Northampton is pretty easy at the moment since most of them are now running their own online profiles. Here are some top reasons why you should consider hiring an independent company to market your products or services rather than doing it yourself:
1. ExpertiseThere are different areas that are usually covered in marketing from increasing the number of potential clients to retaining existing customers among others. It is common with marketing agencies to rely on a pool of experts who specialise in different fields and hiring their services will be an assurance of professional services in all the areas that need to be covered. This is why you should first understand your needs before kicking-off the search for a reliable company.

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