3 Top Social Media Tips

Have you started on your social media campaign and need some more tips to help boost the quality in what you’re doing? Well check out our 3 top social media tips below and see if they can help your campaigns improve.

1) When posting on Twitter, use images.

Twitter users have seen a massive difference in engagement since the inclusion of image posting, with some stats suggesting the likelihood of retweets being 150% higher than usual.

2) Share your content more than once

If you have created content to be seen, you want to make sure it gets the maximum exposure. Sharing the content on each platform once isn’t enough. You need to take into consideration your audience and the different times they’re online.

3) Use different headlines

When sharing content, try and think of two different headlines for the same article to entice your audience to click. Then try them both atroughly the same time on different days and see which performs better.