Making People Notice your Marketing

We live in a world full of brands, adverts and marketing materials. As a business, how do you make yours stand out? The tricky thing is, there isn’t a simple answer. You can take steps to make sure your marketing works though, so here are some of the most fundamental things to do:

  • Do your marketing in the right places. Use the internet and social media to get the attention of a new, relevant audience for your business.
  • Be consistent. Make sure your branding is easily recognisable as you. This will mean that if people see your marketing more than once, they will begin to associate it with you and your message will stick.
  • Be bold. Use colours and copy that will make you stand out. Using something run of the mill won’t make you stand out against your competitors and you might end up losing business to someone whose marketing material is more memorable.

Reason to Hire Fulfilment Houses UK

Fulfilment house UK can provide individuals with great service if they want to ship commodities but without any normal upfront costs which several of the individuals have to pay. The essential part of fulfilment process is order fulfilment. When any company sells any commodity to its consumers, it is required for them to undergo a process to acquire the orders of clients for the commodity fulfilled. Processes like packing, labelling of the product, picking, shipping of the commodity and lastly tracking these orders are involved in this. Following each and every step perfectly is not at all easy and moreover needs good attention. Incurring a single mistake can be terrible for the manufacturer. That is the reason of utilising the services of Fulfilment House UK by every giant commodity-selling companies. Continue reading

Direct Mail Marketing – is there Still a Place for it?

Direct mail has been used as a marketing technique for a very long time, long before the use of the internet for marketing and advertising. Does it still have a place in the digital world we live in?

The answer is definitely yes. Direct mail is an important way to reach a new audience, many of whom may not even be online. It’s often used by charities and not for profit organisations as it is a good way to reach a lot of people and let them know about news and developments.

You don’t have to just send direct mail out to everybody. You can create targeted mailing lists to reach the people you want to.These may be previous customers or people who have shown an interest in your business before. You can even integrate your online and mail marketing to ensure you are covering all bases and advertising as widely as you can.

Is Hootsuite Good For Your Social Media Needs?

We think Hootsuite is a brilliant tool if you need to be in control of more than one social media platform. Hootsuite allows you to be in control of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, FourSquare and many other applications. One problem many people have with software is that it’s not cross-platform. Luckily with Hootsuite, it’s available on all the main players – Apple iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX. Perfect! If you need to know how things are going, but don’t have the time to collate reports, allow Hootsuite to send you your monthly report via email. You can even have a weekly report if you want to be even more on the ball!

Overall it’s a business owner’s dream and it’s also compatible with so many systems that you can relay the information you find in Hootsuite and help tailor your larger marketing focuses.

Is Facebook Running Riot in Digital Marketing?

Mark Zuckerberg has done an amazing job with social networking giant – Facebook. After all these years it’s still the number one player in the game with continued growth and revenue and it doesn’t seem like it’s stopping anytime soon!

With Facebook’s new Save Button for the web businesses can now copy and paste simple code into their articles and allow those articles to be saved to Facebook for the user to read later. Now users can read all their favorite articles in one place in an environment over 1 billion people are already familiar with: Facebook. To add to that, Facebook launched Instant Articles, allowing publishers all over the web to format their articles for users to read right inside Facebook. Users in essence never have to leave Facebook to read your blog. Get them to like your page, perhaps mark it as “See First” or a favorite or add it to a list, and now when they see your articles in their feed they can click on the articles and click the “Save” button to save it for reading later. That pretty much resolves most of the functionality of an RSS reader!

  • Web Marketing

    Many UK internet companies provide a web marketing service from website design and web development to online marketing and e-commerce. As Google updates it ever changing search engine, online marketers are continually evolving with new updates.

  • What Mail Fulfilment Entails

    If you've been contacted by a Fulfilment House UK regarding a business opportunity, you may be curious about what working with such an organisation entails. These are businesses that specialise in efficiently and correctly organising and dispensing your marketing material within a given geographical area. Their clients outsource their mail campaigning to them due to this efficiency, as it will ultimately save them time, money and energy.